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Sept. 28, 2009

I'm not keen on guns, but I don't object to people having a reasonable number of them if that's what they absolutely have to have and I don't object to hunting as long as the animals killed are eaten, as long as they have not died in vain.

However, I do strongly object to people showing up at political events bearing arms. What's with that, anyway? In the first place, why? What are they expecting to happen that they will need their trusty assault weapon to deal with it? Or is it just decoration? An accessory? In that case, why don't they carry them around with them on other occasions, such as dropping their children off at nursery school or visiting a sick friend in the hospital or shopping in a big box store? But they don't and why? Because, if they did , people would run screaming, "Omigod, he's got a gun!" and panic would ensue.

So why is it OK to flash your sidearms at political events? Well, actually, it's not. It's just plain not and you should be locked up because you represent a real and present danger. The very fact that you decided to take that gun with you to that event in the first place provides ample evidence of that. That is something a crazy person does. A crazy person with a very small penis.

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