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Exile Editions, 2009

Set against the historical backdrop of the events leading up to the Trail of Tears and deeply rooted in the mythology and sacred history of the “Real People” (the name by which the Cherokee referred to themselves), Broken Road is an account of the intense love-hate relationship between white Americans and the tribe that, more than any other, embraced white culture and emulated its institutions.  It was a relationship that was to end in the destruction of the Cherokee way of life and the heartbreaking loss of their ancestral lands.



“Readers interested in mythology will revel in London writer Melissa Hardy’s new novel, Broken Road. Her expert prose style will please anyone interested in well-honed writing.”

The London Free Press

“In her ability to represent rather than colonize voices of First Nation or Native peoples, Hardy's interwoven mythic, historical, and folkloric intertexts present authentic and often humorous anecdotes of human endurance.”

Canadian Literature

The author would like to acknowledge the support of the Ontario Arts Council
during the writing of Broken Road.

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